Eco Rangers

This is a new name in South Africa although the concept has been around in other countries including our own for many years, founded by the great Dr Ian Player and Nick Steele during their time in the Umfolozi Game Reserve.?

They instituted this programme againsT the poachers in that time and it proved to be the most effective means of protection for the game expecially the rhino and elepahants.

Hence, we adapted our mounted security programme to form a sub-section which has since become the Eco-Ranger.


We have many green areas in our country that need efficient policing:


Our rangers are well equipped to work in any area / terrain as they and their horses are exceptionally well trained. A man on a horse sees 90% more than a man on foot or one in a vehicle.? Horse and rider are able to traverse areas that are unfriendly to the foot patroller as well as the vehicle.?

Bearing in mind that a man on a horse is a non-intrusive form of policing compared to vehicles or helicopters as well as being an eco friendly means of transport.? A horse has proven to be as fleet as the black wildebeest and? can maintain this speed over most type of terrain.?

As you know from past history, never before have you heard that the infantry(poachers)? have ever beaten? the cavalry(mounted eco-ranger).





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